Friday, March 30, 2007

Contest: Rename My Paris Apartment Kit

Sadly, I have learned I must change the name of my beautiful Paris Apartment kit. Apparantly, someone has that name copyrighted. Ugggh.

So . . . . since I have mush brain from sheer exhaustion . . . I've decided to let my blog subscribers rename the kit for me. So put on your thinking caps, and come up with something FABULOUS!

Here is the preview of the kit to give you inspiration . . .

The winning entry will win a FREE copy of the Kit!! Sound like a deal? Leave your ideas in the comments section of this post, along with your email address, and I will select the winner by Monday!

Thanks for playing, and helping me!


H.Green said...

How about,
"Rendevous In Paris"
"Paris Rendevous" :)

Dizzy Designs said...

Very pretty! Looks Springy to me. I've never seen Paris.
How about Spring Green Fantasy
or Fresh as Spring
Spring Rain Follaige
Good luck finding a good name.

kille said...

how about :
Fabulous Paris
Paris in The Mist
Paris Village
Paris by Night
Eclectic Parisienne

sandrine said...

what do you think of
French Style
Paris Design
Fresh Paris
Paris Wallpapers
Love in Paris
Good luck

Antje said...

Very pretty Papers!!

my suggestion:

romantic flair


catalena at t-online dot de

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

How about
French Victorian Decor
French Victorian
French Victorian Home
French Victorian Cottage
French Victorian Memories

Gail said...

This is a very pretty kit that looks like Spring!

Springtime in Paris
Paris Spring
French Apartment
French Spring
Spring Cottage

Suzanne said...

Suggestion : French boudoir

Globaldoll said...

How about using a French woman's name? Here a couple suggestions:


DawnH said...

Hi the designs, btw.
My suggestions are :-
La Couture Parisienne
Versailles Chic
Boutique Fantastique

digital kittie said...

How about:

A Lot of Louve

Dizzy Designs said...

I thought of a couple new ones. How about 1. French Country Charm,
2. Amour dans le paradis (Love in Paradise)
3. Romantic Paradise,
4. Charme de pays (Country Charm)
5. Paradis romantique (Romantic Paradise)

Just working with some ideas and translations.

Flimsy said...

1 - Mystical Paris
2 - Spring Delight
3 - Paris ala Spring
4 - Parisienne Delight
5 - Mystical Spring
6 - Enchanted Delight

Trula said...

How about...
Ooo La La
La Tee Da
It's a gorgeous collection!

orachel54 said...

I love this kit! I'm working on my first ever amateur, here! I'm doing a vintage parisian thing called "ooh la la". I think yours is a lot "spring-ier" than mine...maybe "I Love Paris in the Springtime" (like the song), or "C'est Magnifique", or "Joie de Vivre". If it were just the pink papers, in my mind it would have to be "La Vie en Rouge"...conceptually, it means to view life through rose colored glasses, so it actually works out beautifully for the whole collection.

Crossing fingers...LOVE this kit!

Anonymous said...

Hi - my suggestions are:
My Parisienne Garden
A Paris Flair
My Beautiful Paris (Mon beau Paris)


Alana said...

How about:
Appartement De Paris or
Parisienne Apartment

Keizerin said...

I love this kit! Definitely made me think of when I was there! Beautiful work!

Here are my ideas:
Parisienne Memories
Les mémoires de Paris (Memories of Paris)
Sur les Rues de Paris (On the Streets of Paris)
French Market Findings

dale ann cubbage said...

Oh man, you guys are coming up with some INCREDIBLE ideas! How will I ever choose???


Shell said...

Riveria Dreams
Springtime in Paree(the French pronunciation of Paris)
French Couture

Shell said...

Oops someone had Springtime in Paris soooo hmm C'est La Vie or Toujours en Paree(France)

Ebie said...

Too bad! It was such a beautiful name! My suggestions are:

Softly Paris
Softly France
Muted Parisienne
French Flair
Paris Flair
La Rue Parisienne
Traditional Paris/France
French Floral
Fleur de Lis
Fleur de France

I also love La Vie en Rouge or La Vie en Rose, but I think those were already suggested ;)

Susan said...

How about:
Enchanment Parisien (Parisian Enchantment)
La Magie de Paris (The Magic of Paris)
Paris Enchantant (Enchanting Paris, also Parisian Charm)
Charme de Printemps (Sprintime Charm)

Daisymae said...

I like Parisienne Chateau. Beautiful kit....such talent overwhelms me...Huggs,

MagHenrey said...

How about

Paris Chic
Parisian flair
Parisian Dreams
Parisian Apartments - if you want to keep with the Paris and Apartment theme - not too far from the original
Paris Holiday
Parisian Vacation

screenstarr said...

RIVE GAUCHE or LEFT BANKE Its translation into English)?




stiggily said...

That was a lovely name too! How about "Parisienne Affair"
Luv stiggily

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