Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rules of Anti-Piracy

I just found out some very sad news today. On two occassions today, I was faced with blatant acts of piracy. It's just so sad that people can't be more creative than to steal other people's designs and photographs.

People, it's wrong to snag a photo off the web, and pretend that it's yours. It's wrong to take a design, part of a design, or even an idea, and claim it as your own. These acts are known as Piracy, the same thing as stealing. And it's wrong.

Please, please do not copy my photos, or my digital designs and use them in way without permission. Please, do not take my FREEBIEs, and put them on your BLOG and give them away as if they belong to you. If you want people to see my Freebies and get them free too, then please give them the address to MY blog. Let them come to my site and see what I have designed and get them free the right way. The legal way. The nice way.

I appreciate your attention to this matter, and for you being a stand up citizen and obeying the rules of Anti-Piracy. It will make the web a happier place.



Hilly said...

Oh Hon....
I am so very sorry this happened to ya. I will never understand how anyone can steal stuff and claim it as their own. They do that a lot for tubes also. It is Piracy! I hope the good people far outweigh the bad ones!
Hugs and happier times...

dale ann cubbage said...

Thanks Hilly! It was a bad day, but I'm over it now!!!


fran b said...

i AGREE WITH YOU ON MOST OF YOUR POINTS BUT I DON'T THINK YOU CAN STEAL AN IDEA. eVERY SCRAPPER IS GETTING IDEAS FROM looking at kits and galleries ON THE INTERNET AND MAKING IT THEIR OWN.I've seen countless ideas in LO's and kits that all look the same. Don't think you can steal ideas?

dale ann cubbage said...

Fran, I agree there aren't too many original ideas out there. However, if you look at my Freebie of the Month down at the bottom of the page, you will see it's a simple design. When someone DL's a design, and basically traces every curl and curve, you know they aren't just playing off your design, they stole it. I downloaded her version, she basically traced the curls on my flower/bee chain. Which I had hand drew on my wacom. It was EXACTLY the same. Then she had the same little flowers, also hand drawn by me. She colored them a little different, and she changed my bees to leaves. She COPIED my design. She didn't just use my idea to inspire a new idea, she stole my design. Not the idea.

There is a difference. And yes, I agree, we do find inspiration in what we see. IF you look at scrap magazines and sites all day, you're going to be inspired by what you see. That's not the issue I'm talking about here.

Thanks for your comment.