Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long Time, No Blog!!!

Well hey there, you blog buddies! Long time no blog, huh? So much has happened in the last year or so, since my last post. To top the list, would be my daddy passing away in September. Hardest thing I've ever endured. :( :( The store I was selling my digital designs at, Digital Freebies, kind of regrouped (new owner) and booted us all out on the curb. So, I no longer have a store to sell my designs at. :( I went back to work full time. :(

On the upside, we bought a new house! Yay!!! Will have to post some pix soon. Although, I don't have internet at home now, because we are out in the country and can't get anything but DIAL UP!! egads. So, for now, I hit and miss when I can check in. Needless to say this has put a damper on all things scrappy.

But, I have been working on a new kit. It's a Valentine themed kit, but had more colors than just pink and red. I was wondering, if anyone would be interested in seeing it? I'm not sure if there are any of you still out there reading this. So if you are, give me a shout out, in the form of a comment, and perhaps I'll think of posting this new set of papers as a freebie. Just maybe.

Hope to hear from you. . . .


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holly Jolly Christmas - Christmas Card Templates

Just in time for your holiday sales, comes the Holly Jolly Christmas Greeting Card Template set. This is a huge set of 16 (count 'em, 16!) Greeting card templates all in 5x7 size. The image windows all vary in size from design to design.

In this set you'll find lots of traditional red and green, and also some blue and white for that frosty winter look! From spots and dots to snowflakes and stripes, this set has it all! For fun, and whimsical looks, this is the Holiday Greeting Card set you can't be without!!

Click on the image below to view the whole collection.

Add this cute set to your own collections today for only $20!

Classic Carols - Christmas Card Templates

Introducing the new Classic Carols Collection, my newest set of 5x7 photo greeting card templates. This beautiful line of card templates has an old world charm, in rich jewel tones, featuring the lyrics of the all time favorite classic Christmas carols, "Silent Night," "Away in a Manger," and "O Holy Night." This is a 10 piece set in rich browns, warm golds, and more.

Your clients will love to send their holiday greetings out on this classic looking designs.

Click on the sample greeting card above to view the whole collection.

Add this set of 10 greeting card templates to your own collections today for only $25.

Old Century - Christmas Card Templates

Introducing the new Old Century Holiday Greeting Card templates. These beautiful cards feature an antique, old world charm in six rich and elegant colors. (Rust, Purple, Gold, Red, Green, Blue) The cards come in 5x7 size with a window to fit a 3x4 image. The text line comes preserved in it's own layer, so it is fully editable to meet your client's needs.

Click greeting card above to view the entire collection.

Add this unique and beautiful set of six classic Holiday Greeting Card templates to your own collections today for only $15!

Winter Wishes - Christmas Card Templates

Announcing the Winter Wishes holiday greeting card templates! These gorgeous cards come in 5 colors, and 2 different photo options. Both cards are 5x7, but one has a window for a 4x3 image, and the other has three windows for 2x3 portrait images! The cards feature a color fade in five different colors (blue, red, green, gold, silver) and intricate snowflakes in the background. The text has been preserved in it's own layer, so it is fully editable to meet the needs of your clients.

Click on the greeting card below to view the entire collection!

Add this beautiful set of 10 greeting card templates to your own collections now for $22!

Contemporary Christmas - Christmas Card Templates

Just in time for the holiday rush, comes my last collection for this season! This is the Contemporary Christmas Collection! This set contains fun block style graphics, in bright and bold colors of the season, as well as some non traditional color schemes for those who like a little more contemporary look!

These templates can be easily edited, making color changes or text changes is a snap! This is a set of 9 card templates, with the low introductory price of $16.00. After Novemeber 26, they will be going up to $20.00! So hurry up and get your set today!

I'd also like to thank Mary Veatch for the photo of the cutie pie on the sled, he was the inspiration for this collection! Thanks Mary!

Click on the card above to view a slideshow of the entire collection!

Buy now for only $16 for the set of 9 card templates!

Old Time Christmas - Christmas Card Templates

I'm happy to announce my newest line of Christmas Card templates, the Old Time Christmas Collection. These are 4x8 greeting card templates with an opening for a 5x3.5 portrait. The text and font are fully editable, and there are two beautiful designs.

The first is the Old Time Christmas cards that feature two borders created by my good friend, Jessica McCollam. You can view and purchase Jessica's designs at This card has a linen texture on it, and has a charming shabby look to it. It comes in four lovely colors: (soft blue, soft sage, soft taupe, and brick red). This card looks great with black and white photos or one done in any vintage type effect.

The second design is called Antique Christmas, and it comes in 5 rich colors (red, brown, gold, purple, green.) It also has one of Jessica's borders on it, and it has a rusty look to it, like it's been around for awhile! It is also a 4x8 design featuring a window to fit a 5x3.5 portrait. And always, the fonts and text are fuly editable.

Both of these designs will be a lovely addition to your own Christmas collections to offer your clients even more variety! Purchase this set today for only $20.

Joy to the World Christmas Card Templates

I'm happy to add one more set of 4x8 Christmas card templates to my 2006 collection. This set contains 5 cards in two different designs featuring the merriest of colors!

Click on the sample card below to view the entire set!

Purchase this cute set of 5 cards for $12.00 NOW!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Attention Scrappers: FREEBIE Alert

That's right, get 'em while they're hot. The Funky Playground Teacher's Pet Week 2 Submissions are up for the getting!!

Go here to snag 'em!! Here's a preview of mine. I hope you like it. This week our assignment was to create an 8 element pack with at least one extracted (photo realistic) piece in each one. Whew. Let me tell you, that was no easy task! Anywhoo, here ya go . . .

Thanks for looking, and wish me luck!

Friday, August 01, 2008

It's About Time . . .

Well kids, sorry I have been soooo busy. I have sorely neglected my blog, you can tell by my header. It's still stuck in winter. LOL Got to update that, huh?

Anywhoo, I have some fun news and a freebie. Well, actually 104 fabulous freebies to be exact!!! I am in the Teacher's Pet contest over at the Funky Playground! It's so much fun! There are 104 contestants, all of whom have put together a fun and Trendy (that was the theme) mini kit for you. So get over and snag them, and make sure you please leave some loving for the designers that you snag their goodies.

Here's a peak at mine . . . Living Life Out Loud

Isn't it cute?? I'm so happy with it. Anywhoo, all you have to do is click on either the image, or the kit title, and it will take you to my download page at FPD. Then you need to register for the FPD newsletter to get the password that unzips all 104 mini kits!!

It's fun, it's free, all the cool kids are doing it. So what are you waiting for?

Now for some eye candy, I have a layout, and a couple from some of my CT girls to show it off for ya. Enjoy! (p.s. the journal strips and button are not in the mini, those are extras in a larger kit coming soon!) You can click the images to leave us some love if you like!
Seven Thing I Love About You by me!!

By Janice aka Peaceful Angel . . .

And by Racheal aka WarwickScrapper . . .

Thanks for looking, hope to see you soon!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whaddya Know? I Made It Through to Round 4!!

Yes, it's true. I made it through. I am so excited!! And the best part is, that you get to go get my doodles, and the doodles of the other 19 contestants for FREE!! They are up today, and you can go snag them all!

Here's the link, have fun!

So happy! Thanks to all of my wonderful supporters from my blog, who have left me such wonderfully encouraging messages! You guys ROCK!!! Love ya so much!

K, gotta get to work on my next submission! One more round before the 5 finalists are chosen!! Wish me luck, and say a prayer for me!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Made It, I Made It! Happy Dance, I Made It!!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I made it through to Round 3 for the Little Dreamer 2008 Apprentice Program!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am!!! And I want to thank those of you who took time to go by and view my page!! You all helped my little 3 Wishes submission become the 2nd most viewed submission, and I had the 2nd most comments out of all 40 submissions! Talk about making my day!!! This made my year!! I'm so happy that everyone liked it so well, and I hope I can deliver that same kind of crowd pleasing submission for this next round! Which I am working feverishly on right at this moment!

So, if you left me a comment on the appropriate blog post (2 down) and if you left me a comment at LDD with an email address at either place, you got an email from me letting you know where to go get the freebie!! You also got a note saying that there is an extra special goodie with your name on it coming soon to your inbox! Hopefully later today!! It's special, and it's just for you!

For those of you who didn't leave a comment, but you still want the freebie, you can go to LDD and get it anyway! How cool is that? Go here, and it's yours!

I would like to again thank all my supporters, your sweet comments just rocked my world and made me so happy! Thanks for all the good vibes! Now, pray that I get incredibly inspired and come up with something just as fabulous for round 3!!

Ok, back to work! Have a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More News . . .

Well, by the time you read this, I should know if I made it to Round 3 in the Little Dreamer Apprentice contest. It's so nervewracking! I hope I can sleep tonight!!

But I do have some news. Little Dreamer has received so many requests for the elements we created, that they have decided to go ahead and host download links for all of the elements packs to be given away free to everyone! Those should start to be up on Tuesday. So, make sure you go by and snag all those gorgeous element packs!

Now, as for the deal I made with you . . . and to those who took time to go by LDD and comment and come back here and leave me a comment (about 25 of you) it seems kind of unfair that EVERYONE is going to get my element pack now. Sooooo, I have decided to cook up something extra special for you . . to go with the element pack! So, if you don't mind waiting a few more days, everyone who left me comments is going to get a special treat from me.

I would like to thank everyone who went by and looked, my submission is the 2nd most viewed, and I have the 2nd highest number of comments!! That's thrilling!

If you didn't take time to comment, and would still like to get my element pack and the 39 other element packs that are going to be offered, here is the link. Go by and get it and please be kind and leave some love for those ladies for their hard work!

I also want to remind you that my new kit, Strong Shoes, debuts at Digital Freebies today! I hope you'll go by and snag it while it's 30% off this week! Here's the preview!

And don't forget to watch for my Friday Freebie coming out Friday in the Digital Freebies newsletter!!!