Monday, August 21, 2006

The Holly Jolly Christmas Greeting Card Template Set!

Just in time for your holiday sales, comes the Holly Jolly Christmas Greeting Card Template set. This is a huge set of 16 (count 'em, 16!) Greeting card templates all in 5x7 size. The image windows all vary in size from design to design.

In this set you'll find lots of traditional red and green, and also some blue and white for that frosty winter look! From spots and dots to snowflakes and stripes, this set has it all! For fun, and whimsical looks, this is the Holiday Greeting Card set you can't be without!!

Click on the image below to view the whole collection.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chocolate Bunny Birth Announcements

As promised, the Chocolate Bunny Birth Announcements are now available!! These darling announcements coordinate with the 16x24 storyboard collage posted previously. They are in the same sweet colors, in a simple styling that reminds me of the old Dick and Jane stories we used to read in school. They have a vintage feel to them, that I just love!

The announcement is 5x7, and fits a 4x5 image into an oval window. The font and trim are all in a delicious chocolate brown, on either a pale pink or pale blue background. The font layer is on a separate layer, so you can change the font, the color and the text to suit your needs.

Be sure to check out the coordinating 16x24 storyboards too!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Chocolate Bunny 16x24 Storyboard Template

I have a new product to post today that I am really excited about. It's a 16x24 storyboard template called Chocolate Bunny, and it comes in two color combinations. This darling storyboard comes with a cute little chocolate bunny on a soft pink background, and a soft blue background. Both templates have three openings for 5x7 portrait, or you could put in two portraits and fill the third window with text. It could be as simple as the baby's name and birth information, or as sweet as mother's memory of the first time she held her newborn in her arms. The possiblities are endless. This template comes with the text line still in it's own separate layer, so that you can edit the font however you wish.

Look for coordinating Birth Announcements for this set SOON!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Have A Spotty Dotty Christmas!

Yeah, it looks like it's going to be a Spotty Dotty Christmas!! Introducing the first two cards in my holiday line of greeting card templates. At the request of a friend (thanks Donamari), Spotty Dotty just got dressed for the holidays! This 5x7 card features the traditional jolly colors of the season (red, green & white) and fits a 5x4 portrait window.

Purchase this set of two Spotty Dotty Christmas Card Templates NOW for $2

Look for more holiday greeting card coming in the near future!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Greeting Card Templates: Soft Elegance 7x7

Introducing the Soft Elegance 7x7 Greeting Card Template. This is a multi use photo greeting card template in 7x7 size, with an image opening for a 4x4 portrait. The bottom section under the image is intentionally left blank so you can add the text or greeting of your choice.

The Soft Elegance series features a muted color pallette in contemporary color combinations.
Please click on the sample below to view the whole set.

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Contempo 10x10 Storyboards Have Arrived!

Introducing the Contempo 10x10 storyboard. This series is a contemporary, sleek design of swirls and curls on a marbled background. It holds nine 2.5x2.5 images, or you may choose to use some of the boxes for text or simple color box for more visual impact. This six piece set comes in Sage, Cream, Peach, Lavender, Smokey Blue and Black.

BONUS: This set of 10x10 story boards has been updated to contain a bonus!! On each storyboard, there is now an extra layer which contains a frame in the coordinating solid color found in the swirls. For example, the Sage Contempo storyboard below also contains a solid Sage layer in it!! This would make this a perfect complimentary storyboard for the Contempo, for either wall art, or would work perfectly in an Asuka book!! One side of your spread could be the Contempo swirls in sage, while the other side could be the solid sage color. This solid color layer is easily changed to black, white or any other solid color your client may need!

Click on the Sage Contempo 10x10 below to view the whole set!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NEW Stripey Series Set 2 in NEW COLORS!

Introducing a new set in the Stripey series of storyboards. This is set 2, it includes different color combinations!! I think you'll enjoy them!

Click on the 2Tone Pink on Brown Sample below to view the whole set of colors!

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NEW: Just Ducky Baby 10x10 Templates

These two darling 10x10 storyboard templates are titled "Just Ducky," in pink and blue, just for baby! You could put images in all 9 boxes, or you could use a couple just for some color block, or to put special memories about baby. (name, birthday, weight, etc.)

Buy these two darling templates NOW for $4 for the set.


Monday, August 14, 2006

NEW! Stripey Series Set 1: 10x30 Storyboard Templates

Introducing the set 1 of the new Stripey Series! This set includes 6 templates in a mix of bright and soft colors on a 10x30 board that has windows to fit one 8x10 and three 5x7s. As with all the templates, you can easily add text to these templates to customize them.

Click on the sample Stripey 10x30 board below to see the entire set.

Purchase this set of six 10x30 storyboard templates NOW for $12

Spotty Dotty Fruit Pack Special

I am offering a bundle pack of all three sizes, in all six colors for a discounted rate! So if you'd like to have the entire series of Spotty Dotty Fruit Templates, you can pick them all up for $30. That's a $4 savings for you!!

Purchase the Spotty Dotty Fruit Pack Now for $30

Spotty Dotty Fruit Set 3: 11x14 Storyboard Templates

This is the third set in the Spotty Dotty series. This set includes 6 templates in the same 6 fun, fresh and fruity colors (Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime & Tangerine).

Click on the sample of the Grape 11x14 template below to view all 6 colors of this set.

Buy this set of six 11x14 Storyboard Templates now for $12

Spotty Dotty Fruit Set 2: 10x20 Storyboards

This is the second set from the Spotty Dotty series. This set includes six templates in the same colors on a 10x20 storyboard that holds three 5x7 images. Colors are Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime and Tangerine.

Click on the sample of the Cherry 10x20 storyboard to view all 6 colors.

Buy this set of 6 10x20 Storyboard Templates Now for $12

Spotty Dotty Fruit Set 1: 8x10 Templates

The first set in my storyboard collection is the Spotty Dotty Fruit series. This is a set of 6 templates in 6 fun, fresh and fruity colors! All the boards measure 8x10, and have windows to fit two 4x6 images. Or, you can put one 4x6 image in one window, and text in the other window if you wish.

These are very customizable, as you can change the hues of the colors in Photoshop. You can use them for wall art for portraits, or for digital scrapbooking, or just to add some color to your photos on your website!

Click on the Blueberry Template above to view all six colors in this set.

Buy this set of six 8x10 storyboard templates NOW for $10

Welcome to DC Designs

Welcome to dc designs. This is the place where you can view and purchase my new line of Storyboard templates!

These templates can be used for portrait wall art, digital scrapbooking, or just to add some color to your pictures on your website!

They are fun and easy to use! Look for new designs coming soon! Also, I'll be adding birth announcements, and photo greeting cards for the holidays!

Thanks for looking!