Sunday, March 02, 2008

BIG NEWS!! And 40 Freebies for YOU!!

That's right, I have some BIG news! I'm so excited and thrilled to tell you that I was accepted into the Little Dreamer Designs 2008 Apprentice program! Out of 130 applicants, I was one of 40 who made it into the program! Can we say, YIPPEEEEE???? I'm so excited, can ya tell?

Ok, so what does this mean to you. First of all, it means that if you go by here, you can see my winning submission. It's a mini kit called, Pleasures, and it's yours FREE just for dropping by to see it. Then while you are there, you can see the other submissions by the other 39 contestants and get their mini kits free too!! It's a win win situation!!

Go get the freebies, and of course, leave some loving for those you download from!! Tell 'em I sent ya!!

Thanks for stopping by!


WendyW said...

CONGRATS! That's awesome!! You totally deserve it!

Tabitha said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting! You really do deserve it :)