Monday, February 18, 2008

Some New Items at Digital Freebies on Tuesday: 30% off!

That's right, I have some items coming out tomorrow at Digital Freebies. Some of these things you may remember from when I had a store at OAKS, may she rest in peace. But, one of them has been updated and made even cooler! Check 'em out!
First up, I have newly updated and renamed "Fab n' Funky Ruled Notebook Papers." These were formally called "funky ruled notebook paper," and they were sold in two sets. I've updated these funky papers by adding a "folded/creased" appearance to them, and now you can purchase all 12 in one convenient set.

Next I have created the Real Simple Designer Resource Collection. This line of products will be simple tools for those of you who design your own kits, or those who are wanting to start. Included will be my already popular Real Simple Template Collection, stitches, brushes, shapes, textures, and all kinds of other things that you will find useful in your design business.
The first installment of this line are my Basic Stitches. You get 5 simple & various stitches, with the "hole" already there. There are no drop shadows, so you can add your own, and they come greyscale in .PNG format for easy recoloring and altering for your own purposes. These stitches come with their own commercial use license, so no other license is necessary.

Next up, you'll find these sweet little Clothing Tags for boys and girls, from my Tag, You're It! collection. You get 16 tags in each set, 8 clean tags, and 8 torn tags! Each one has a descriptive word, a bar code, sku number, price and size! I've seen people put an "X" over the price and put "priceless" somewhere on the tag, to make it unique! You can alter these as well, making them colored, changing the price and the sizes, however you see fit to make them your own! There is a set for your darling girls and your precious boys!
And remember each of these items are 30% off for the first week they are at Digital Freebies, so pick them up while they are on sale!
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