Monday, February 12, 2007

My New Fanciful Frames

I'm pleased to share with you my newest creations, called Fanciful Frames! These little frames are made up of squiggly, swirly curls, and are really unique looking! You can use them to add a bit of drama to any layout, by using them to frame journaling, or even to frame a small photo!

I have two sets, the first one features swirls all around the entire frame, while set two, the swirls only hug around one corner of the frame. Check them out . . here is set One.

And set Two . . .

Each set contains 8 beautiful frames for $3 a set. Not a bad deal!

You can see one of them in action, framing my "Welcome" sign up in my blog header! They look really cool, no matter how you use them! If you like them, leave me a comment and show me some love. If I feel especially loved, I might leave a FREBBIE laying around!



sandrine said...

absolutly beautifull!!Ilove your frame! Some swirl , wow!Good job!
thank you so much

PSharp said...

I really love your frames

Maria said...

these frames are AWESOME da!! great job!