Thursday, May 24, 2007

NEW: The Real Simple Template Collections

I'm so excited to announce my newest collection, The Real Simple Template Collection. These fun, and simple templates were inspired by the pages of my favorite magazine, Real Simple. Based on the graphic designs you see in magazines, these templates will give your pages a nice clean appearance, and they can be dressed up or down as much as you want. With both sets you get 4 different templates, in layered PSD format, JPG and PNG formats.

There are two Volumes available today:

Volume I Contains 4 templates, specifically suited to large photos. (previews are linked to go directly to My OAKS store) (Click Here is you prefer to shop at my HODS store.)

Sample Layouts . . .

Volume II This is a set of 4 templates, specifically suited to multiple images on one layout. Two of these pages fit perfectly together as a 2 page spread, or can stand alone beautifuly as well.

Sample Layouts . . .

Aren't those fun? Pick them up today at or for only $3 a set! Look for more sets coming soon!Thanks for looking,



Claudi's Blog said...

great templates da! love them

dale ann cubbage said...

Thanks Claudi!