Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Swirls 'N Spots 11x14 Storyboard Templates!

Ok, I know some of you have actually been waiting for this one to go live, so HERE IT IS! Introducing the new Swirls'N Spots 11x14 storyboard templates! This is a set of 8 boards, all in 11x14 size, featuring two 4x6 portrait windows. All boards are adorned with all kinds of girly swirls and dots in your favorite girlie colors!

Click on the sample above to view all 8 color combinations!

Purchase this set of 8 11x14 storyboards NOW for $25


About Faces said...

Yeah! I LOVE ALL 8 colors, DA!! So excited to get these!:)

Picture Perfect said...

Yea! I love 'em too. If I get them will you tell me how to make one "froggy green"? Say the word and they're sold =)