Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Contempo 10x10 Storyboards Have Arrived!

Introducing the Contempo 10x10 storyboard. This series is a contemporary, sleek design of swirls and curls on a marbled background. It holds nine 2.5x2.5 images, or you may choose to use some of the boxes for text or simple color box for more visual impact. This six piece set comes in Sage, Cream, Peach, Lavender, Smokey Blue and Black.

BONUS: This set of 10x10 story boards has been updated to contain a bonus!! On each storyboard, there is now an extra layer which contains a frame in the coordinating solid color found in the swirls. For example, the Sage Contempo storyboard below also contains a solid Sage layer in it!! This would make this a perfect complimentary storyboard for the Contempo, for either wall art, or would work perfectly in an Asuka book!! One side of your spread could be the Contempo swirls in sage, while the other side could be the solid sage color. This solid color layer is easily changed to black, white or any other solid color your client may need!

Click on the Sage Contempo 10x10 below to view the whole set!

Purchase this set of six Contempo 10x10 storyboards NOW!

1 comment:

Cristina Navarro - New Day Photography said...

Hi Dale! I just opened my email and dowloaded these storyboards and I absolutely love them! They are wonderful and I CAN'T WAIT to use them. The solid color is a wonderful compliment. Thanks, again!